Linda has touched the lives of many people, here is what they have to say:

Before Linda, I couldn’t eat spaghetti, was scared of spiders and had a horrible fear of needles. After 1 tapping session, I can eat spaghetti, and I no longer fear spiders or needles. Simple changes that have are having a profound affect on my life.

Thanks Linda!

Dear Linda,
You have blessed my life!  Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing talent.  You know exactly the right questions to ask to draw out the underlying issues and emotions.  Persistent to bring out heightened emotion and feelings knowing you can guide me to tap it all away into that tiny insignificant speck in the sky.  From the very beginning you have always been so professional and caring and compassionate, all the while picking up on cues and clues to help me get to that first time emotion or memory to be tapped away.  Then you gracefully walk me through each level all the while teaching and training me how to do it myself.   I have healed so much and can now recognize my emotions and calm them quickly instead of running with them for days….or rather letting them run me for days.  I now tap through the emotions and thoughts as they happen, so that I can get on and live life so much more free from the old patterns.  You have shared your works and have taught me to heal myself, in the moment - what a great gift you have given me.  I look forward to tapping for life so I can live free!
Thank you for helping me to remember that I love to ride my bike with the wind blowing through my hair….WOOHOO!!!!!


A few weeks ago I had an interesting dream. I dreamt I was telling my sister that my first son had lots of lovely pictures in his future. I wrote down the dream and thought about what this might mean. He and I have had a tough history together. I felt light know that something good was waiting around the corner.
Last night I attended a Faster EFT seminar taught by, Linda Esser. She invited me to sit in the seat at the front of the group and let her tap on my troubled picture of the history between my son and I. I felt deep emotion as she talked me through the dark pictures. I watched as they turned grey and fuzzy. The dark emotion released.
I looked up in the audience and saw my sister sitting there ready for me to acknowledge that my oldest son has lots of lovely pictures in his future. It was my dream. My dream came true. I am able free myself of the dark history and allow a new view in my life. What a valuable gift I have been given.
Linda, with my heart full of gratitude, thank you.
I’ve been resurrected from a living death! I was totally disabled for 3 yrs. Linda did a 1-hr phone session with me & half of my pain/fatigue vanished. Several more sessions produced amazing results. I practice Faster EFT daily with near complete recovery. This can transform your life, no matter what problem you are dealing with. If you want powerful transformations, Linda is an expert practitioner. You will experience PEACE you didn’t know was possible. It is BEYOND AWESOME! Thank You Linda!
I have been through traditional therapy many times and have tried other energy techniques, but no one has helped me as much as Linda has.  She listens to what I tell her and is able to pick out the problems even when I have trouble finding them myself.  She has gotten me through some pretty bad times and has helped me to see that my life can and will be so much better.  I truly appreciate her compassion and I am so glad I found her!  JT Seattle
Linda has a wonderful grasp on the major themes of victimization that each of us lives out in some way or another to our own detriment: self-rejection, feelings of never fitting in, never being good enough, never being loved, etc. She doesn’t judge those thoughts/feelings, she understands them. This safe and accepting environment allows you to begin to share your stories and to open up those wounds. This is not to say, however, that she will let you remain the victim and hold onto those stories or wounds. Get ready to LET GO and get ready to laugh about it too! She helps you see how ridiculous those stories are, how they are all made up, and how you can in this very moment accept a NEW story. A story where you are loved and accepted…and you actually believe it, live it, and know it to be true.
Linda Esser is a Master Practitioner in Faster EFT, teacher, artist and seminar presenter. Linda is highly specialized in the skills and techniques of Faster EFT and delivers her teachings in a fun, easy learning style.
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