Private Sessions

I work with clients of all ages from around the world.
 Sessions are done either in person, phone, or skype. All sessions are confidential. You can call or email me to get the next available session.

Instructions for your first session:

Watch video Robert’s #118 on how to make a list and #69 on the tapping points.

Write the list:

• It doesn’t need to be in chronological order, or it could be. You can start at birth and move forward.
•You do not need to tell the whole story. Make bullet points of events of memories, things you witnessed, experienced, including sexual, physical, and emotional abuses or inappropriate behaviors.
•It could include accidents, moves, illnesses, hurts, fears, people you hate or can not stand to be around.
•It could be dreams, movies, past life experiences, or stories told.
•Write it down even if you think you cleared it, doesn’t bother you or already tapped on it.
•If you have physical pain, write down when it happened, the places, events, stories, what it feel like, the emotions about it, who else has it, and how it affects you today.

I know when you write this list it will stir up emotions and hurts but remember it is within you and you want it cleared and healed. Just realize this is all about you so go slow, take breaks, tap as you go along. If you have too much and just want my help we can do the session by the seat of your pants on what ever is currently bothering you.

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