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Are you really ready for life changes? Linda is highly trained at seeing the overall picture or patterns within you that has caused your problems. Each person has the great ability within their own mind based on past circumstances to have a problem.  Her goal is to transform the negative emotions in memories that support the structure of the problem or belief that will create lasting change and give you the life you want to live.

Linda is a Master Practitioner in Faster EFT( Emotional Focused Transformation). She has trained personally and professionally, since 2006, for over 500 hours, with Robert G. Smith, founder of Faster EFT. Robert has combined the best of EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique),NLP(Neuro-Lingistic Programming), BSFF(Be Set Fast Free) and placed it on a firm bedrock of powerful beliefs that will create quick changes within the unconscious mind. This process will change your internal dialogue based on past events. You will regain personal control of your mind and it’s ability to create emotions.

The most important thing you need to know is that this process can and will make changes where all other processes have failed. It has been used to treat Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Weight Loss, Greif & Loss, Addictions, Depression, ADD & ADHD, Fears & Phobias, Stress, Sports Performance, Trauma and many more.

Linda can and will guide you through your healing journey using compassion, laughter and listening Her goal is to release your pain, so you can have a life filled with deep joy and give you the ability to achieve your life’s dreams.

Why Honorall.com? Because I honor you. I know that all people are working based on what they have learned in their life. That each person is operating perfectly accordingly to what they perceived and learned from the people and events of their past. We are not broken but working perfectly with the lessons we were taught. When we lay all judgements down and walk in the light of acceptance we will have all the peace and love within us. Is that not what we all seek. Needless to say this is inside job. Each person must claim their own responsibility for internal peace in the world. They will then become the beacon of light, love, and peace.We must first create a world of peace within ourselves to create a world of peace.

You are awesome and thank you so much for being great! Your comments are life changing and your skills are one of the best; maybe better than mine. Love and peace are yours.
-Robert Smith

Absolutely profound! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. You are such a gift! I continue to benefit from our sessions together… and love knowing that you are still there if I need you. Thank you!

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